Premier Shelters ProductionsConsidering remodeling?  Thinking about building a home from the ground up?  Have questions/concerns about your current building project?

Then you need coaching sessions
with Kathy Helmus

The best investment you can make before you begin your remodeling/building project!

Why choose Kathy?
Kathy Helmus has over 30 years’ experience in the construction industry.  She has run a successful construction business, Premier Shelters Incorporated, since 1984. She is a coach and she advises building officials, bankers, architects, designers and realtors on building issues.  She has written two books aimed at helping people navigate through, understand, and even enjoy the building process.  And, she has helped hundreds of people like you!


  1. How do you benefit from coaching sessions with Kathy?
  2. Kathy focuses directly on your specific needs, questions, concerns or problems.
  3. Your sessions with Kathy are one on one arranged over the phone.
  4. Each session is scheduled around your busy life.
  5. Kathy has national building professional contacts and can refer you to the specific resource you need where you live.
  6. Sessions with Kathy are affordable and one of the best investments you’ll ever make!

Premier Shelters ProductionsAgreements and Policies:

Below are our policies and client agreement for counseling sessions with Kathy Helmus through Premier Shelters Productions LLC.  We require that each client read them carefully and sign and submit the agreement before counseling can begin.

Please sign and date, then fax, mail or e-mail it back.