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When I moved in my condo the kitchen was a big disappointment, it was small and short on space.  Since Premier Shelters designed and remodeled my kitchen I now enjoy cooking and entertaining.  The wall was knocked down to create a more spacious feel. The cabinets are beautiful and look like furniture.  Thank you Kathy and Mike for doing a wonderful job. I love my kitchen and so does everyone that visits.

- Lee Mason

Friends & contractors told me to knock it down.  Kathy’s vision was brilliant and is now my dream turned into reality…

- Char Pfaelzer

Premier Shelters delivered an on time, beyond expectation, above standard remodel of my kitchen. Mike and Kathy Helmus go beyond customer service. They make you feel like family and that you are their one and only most important client.

The way I envisioned Premier Shelters remodel of my kitchen was everything I could ever want. What they delivered was beyond my highest expectations and still in my budget It's truly my dream kitchen! The contractors that Mike and Kathy employ are as professional and above standard as Premier Shelters incredible customer service. job quality and work ethic.

- Natalie Moyles

Sandy and I contracted with Premier Shelter in 1994 to do a remodel for us at our existing residence. Working with Mike and Kathy was a great experience. Kathy worked extensively with Sandy to create the design we were looking to achieve and actually did most of the layout herself. The results were exactly what we had hoped for.

Their knowledge, experience and personal attention helped create a dream come true for Sandy and me. I will certainly go to them when we launch phase II of the upgrade on this house. Thanks again Kathy and Mike.

- Brad & Sandy Crouch


When we decided to buy a lot and build our first home our announcement was met with groans and detraction from family and friends. We were warned repeatedly that it would be a tiresome and miserable process. In our experience, nothing could be further from the truth. Yes, we did interview a number of builders, selected one, were subsequently ripped off by a builder in Oldsmar who couldn't deliver our plans to the bank in time even when they were given an extension. Luckily, our bank recommended Premier Shelters and Kathy and Mike Helmus. From the day we met in the Helmus kitchen and Kathy took a look at our plans, we knew we were in good hands. We were clear about the appointments we expected in our home, the time frame to build, and our strict budget. Kathy listened to all our desires and we could see she understood and trusted her completely to deliver. Since that first day, when anyone asks, the one word that I've used over and over to describe Kathy and Mike Helmus is integrity. They are hard working honest people who guided us so smoothly through the building process I can honestly say that we were eager to work with them again. In fact Premier Shelters has redesigned a second spec house for us that went as smoothly as the first and we will work with them on another project soon. Kathy and Mike deliver on their word, on time and on budget and we will continue to recommend them to everyone we meet. An interesting fact that we learned from the beginning, is that everyone they build for becomes long lasting friends with this couple. They're that good!

We did have a few road blocks thrown in our path along the way. The most frustrating battle we fought was with the city of Indian Rocks Beach. Because our house, which is in Belleair Beach, backs out onto a park in IRB, and because we wanted our garage situated in the back, the city shut down our construction for several weeks. This was not something any of us could have foreseen as our neighbor backs on to the same park and her garage faces the park. It was a frivolous and frustrating lawsuit on the part of IRB but it really did show us that choosing Premier Shelters was the smartest thing we'd done. Kathy stood by us at every IRB council meeting and in the end, helped us win our case. That setback caused a great deal of angst as we had sold our previous home and needed to be out by a certain date. We were now faced with having to store our furniture and rent a condo. Premier Shelters had been set back almost a month yet they responded by working harder and delivered our house within a couple of weeks of their initial projected date. We have many stories (all good) about building our first house, not the least of which includes Mike working by his truck lights late into the evening and Kathy bending over backwards to deliver everything we wanted in our first home but Premier Shelters takes the process far beyond the build. We travel a great deal for business and pleasure and Kathy and Mike have taken exceptional care to protect our home when we're not there. During the hurricanes of 2005. we lost all the siding on the west side of our house and by the time we got home, Kathy and Mike had restored the damage at a very reasonable cost. They stand behind every home they build and they've made us very happy. I suppose the best thing I could say about these two beyond their unfailing integrity in business, is that we have made terrific friends who will be with us for life.

- Bente Jensen and Stephen Cohen

Even though it has been eight years, there are some things that stand out over time. In particular was Kathy's amazing capacity of recall and enthusiasm for our new house. I was impressed with all the projects they had going she always remembered my particular concerns and specifics for our house without having to lookup the file and "get back to me". She has a wealth of knowledge stored in her head and has a knack of pulling up just the right thing when needed. It seemed she answered the phone with me on her mind.

By the very nature of the building process there are many questions that surface, but Kathy "weathered" it all and never made me feel uncomfortable regardless of the number of times I called. Kathy & Mike are the quintessential "yin & yang" business partners ....nothing is too small or unimportant. They make it all work.
Quality and workmanship all standout ... when we remodel we will definitely call Premier Shelters.

- Pat & John Best

I asked Kathy for Tiffany at a Target price and she helped me shop. When a hurricane was threatening during the re-model, Mike was at the property securing my home before he even began protecting his house. Watching Mike scrubbing my bathtub to clear out the red pitting now that's customer service! Kathy told me we would be best friends after the re-model. Lucky for me she was right!

- Trisha Patterson

From the beginning of our extensive home renovation, Mike and Kathy helped us with each decision, small and large as if it were their own project. Mike personally worked in the evenings, on weekends and holidays, to ensure our home was ready when he promised he it would be. Mike and Kathy were efficient, honest, and above everything showed great integrity.

We have worked with Mike and Kathy twice and it would certainly work with them a third time. They helped us navigate a difficult and unfamiliar process with patience and understanding.

- John & Tiffany Offenloch

Mike &.Kathy - We both want to personally “thank you” for an amazing job on our home. The diversity of the services offered and your team of specialists were nothing short of outstanding. For most homeowners the idea of home construction and renovation is overwhelming and a huge undertaking. It all starts with proper design and planning well. Having excellent plans are the primary means of communication with all parties… that is so important. To us, what was even more important was the insight.. the vision and tremendous experience to help us navigate through this process. The numerous details such as doors, windows, plumbing, electrical and room layout require a very keen sense of timing, again – vision, and I must add patience!

Your understanding of what we wanted was right on the mark. We all know of past experiences or stories from friends and family that a home renovation can be a dream come true or a living nightmare. Our neighborhood is exactly what the name implies… It is a beautiful place to live with wonderful families that support one another. To that note, we did not just want a beautiful house – we wanted a beautiful home. Understanding design friends, quality and cost effectiveness is key to what the finished project will ultimately be. We cannot stress enough how much your vision and clarity played a major role in our “finished product.” Last but not least you are true experts in your field.

From the bottom of our hearts – thank you so very much for everything.

- Tom & Argike O’Brien

At one point during construction I was struggling with the kitchen cabinet  arrangement and Mike built me a temporary wall in a place where I was  trying  to decide whether or not to close off an area with those cabinets." Mike and Kathy were ALWAYS willing to meet at the house and give guidance  for any decision that had to be made." During the hurricanes of 2005 (3 years after we moved in). Mike stopped  by  to check on us. He discovered we were on our 2nd day without power and  promptly  brought us a generator the next day!· Every time I needed to find something for construction of the house, Kathy, had a subcontractor or vendor to send me to,

- David & Linda Griggs

From the beginning I was very skeptical as how it would all come together. I am happy to say I couldn't be more thrilled with the end result. The dramatic transformation from where we started is amazing! Your creativity and workmanship turned an ugly house into a house we are proud to call home. We have enjoyed getting to know you all better and truly appreciate you going above and beyond.

- Gene & Jenn Wrightenberry

Without you we would not have a house to celebrate in••Thanks again!" This was in a thank you card from daughter Becky when we went to her Bat Mitzvah I think you are 13.

Don Krop

You can tell from all of the special touches this house was built with Love'" "We are going to Love living here.

- The Turley’s

We want to Thank You for always being there during the project, through the first year, and for the years beyond when we needed your expertise,

- Paul & Patti Jannarone

I remember distinctly being asked "Are you absolutely sure we shouldn't Just knock this house down and start over?" and answering "The house has great bones and footprint to work with.

- Jim & Jodi Sibson

The house looks amazing...WQW...it is everything we could have hoped and prayed for!

- Tom & Angie O’Brien

Thanks Again! House is great! Mike & Kathy are by your side from start to finish… not sure who drove who more crazy.   LOL!!  But it was all worth the end result. They take pride in their work and ensure your goals are met. A great experience. I would do it all over again!

- John Bosco

Mike and Kathy always had practical advice when we were struggling with location or placement of something.
We never thought we could remodel our house and make new friends at the same time." "Kathy came over and together we redesigned the entertainment area and the master bedroom. It's comforting to know who's building our next house. It's been years since our remodel yet Mike and Kathy always have time to answer a question or check out something for us. Premier Shelters built our house as if it were their own.

Paul & Patti Jannarone

We spent years trying to figure out if we should go with new construction or remodel our existing 4400 sq. ft. home. Most architects and builders walked into home (built in 1957) and recommended we scrap the lot and start over from the ground up. We didn’t really want the huge two story, 15 foot ceilings along with a new tax bill. As a builder Kathy has a better eye for remodeling possibilities than most architects. She and Mike were able to look at the structural integrally of the home, come up with great ideas and we decided to remodel It was definitely the right decision and we ,could’t be happier with the layout of our home.

- Cindi Thomas, home owner

As a resident in Belleair for fifteen years, I’ve seen many homes renovated, rebuilt, mowed down, etc., and, for the most part, I haven’t been all that impressed. My husband and I wanted to add more room in our existing home hoping to add a second story master suite.  We even worked with an interior designer to hopefully grasp what we were trying to do.  Wasn’t happening.

It was not until your company started working on the house down the street, that I felt somebody was getting the concept of “keeping the Integrity” Like the house was originally built just that way.  Hey, I'm not a designer or builder, but I could see the roof lines and elevation were in keeping with the original structure.  We are still a few years away from renovation, but you can be certain that you will be the first builders we call! Thanks for making it real.

- Sarah McAdoo

After getting referrals from friends and business associates, we interviewed many Builders before choosing Premier Shelters. The key was communication, not just how we "related" and "understood" each other but were on the same page regarding envisioning our new home. Due to scheduling conflicts, Kathy would meet us in the evenings and weekends, demonstrating her flexibility was a key differentiation in our choice. In addition, as we proceeded through the construction process, both Kathy and Mike continued to meet "after hours" to review the project and assist with decisions. In understanding not only our "needs" but our "wants" for our new home, Kathy and Mike provided advice and choices to help us obtain our desired new home, within our budget Based on our experience, not only have I recommended other potential clients to Premier Shelters, but as a banker, I have recommended mortgage lenders include Premier Shelters on their approved Builder lists.

- Ron Ciganek

Kathy has done an outstanding job of explaining the full process of how to pick out the best general contractor for building your dream home .She walks you down a positive path that incorporates the successful elements that it takes in order to first know what you and your family may want in your house then shows how you can build a house without fear and in fact after you read" Who's Your Builder" you will have the knowledge to build your dream home with love.

- Tom O’Brien

Working in business. I've negotiated many contracts, I've always had the attitude that it’s better to select partners that you believe you can work with to build a relationship over time. Improving your business and theirs; rather than just going with the lowest bid in selecting a builder for our home, my wife and I took the some view. We wanted a general contractor we could work with, as a partner in achieving our goals; both realizing the home we wanted and staying within a budget. We spoke with a number of contractors as part of our process and ultimately chose Premier. One element that was very Important to us was creativity. Neither my wife nor I are particularly good at "visualizing" and Kathy, her architect and designer are all effective at listening to what we wanted (space, function, style). then generating ideas and sketches to iterate the process of getting to a final design that met our needs. Further, Kathy and Mike didn’t treat us like the "GC Machine," where every single idea or change would be a protracted, bureaucratic (and expensive) process.

We would recommend definitely recommend Premier to anyone building a new home.

- Mark Ethier

I loved the book. Lots of great information. Should be a hit! A must read for the home builder or remodeler. Kathy has provided unique ways to organize your thoughts and ideas to not only have the house of your dreams but to also increase the value of your home.

- Martha Thorn, The Thorn Collection, Coldwell Banker

When others we had spoken to said what we wanted was out of our budget our realtor introduced us to Kathy. We gave her our top number and what our expectations were. She and her team delivered. The system Kathy used for us was the same as she has written in Who's Your Builder?  I can tell you from personal experience, it works. Kathy has also proven to be a valuable resource both personally and professionally when I need a quick answer to a construction related topic.

- Theo Karaphillis